When the Sun’s a Celebration

(Quand le Soleil est une Fête)

Details of the final wool piece I created and donated to the Museum at the end of my residency  
Langogne, France – June 2018

Residency at La Filature des Calquières

During the month of June, I completed a residency at the Spinning Museum in the town of Langogne, in the southern region of Lozère, France.  During this time, I experimented using wool – coming straight from the carding machine in the museum – as a primary material in my collages.

Little Small Exhibition

Recently, I’ve been working on a new project creating collaged versions of drawings by 2-6 year olds. While cutting & sewing, I’ve been considering memories made from these first years of our lives, as well as the factors that may influence what is lost and kept.

This series, “Little Small,” will be on view at Maebashi Works Gallery, in Gunma Japan, from March 10th – 21st.


Next week I will be having a small exhibition of recent work made during my residency here in Samoa. If you know of anyone in these parts, please send them over for the opening!

White Space

I recently created a collage for my cousin Derek’s wonderful first full length album, titled “White Space.” Give it a listen here on bandcamp.

Indoor Mural

This month, I had the opportunity to paint a mural on a bedroom wall inside a wellness home in Blackman’s Bay, Tasmania. I first created a small paper collage sketch, and then painted the entire image on the wall. I had a small time frame of three days, but it was a wonderful experience and I’m hoping to do many more ‘painted collages’ in the future, large and small!